Discovery – So Insane

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Discovery goes down in the record books as my favorite modern super band. Taking my favorite part of Vampire Weekend (Rostam Batmanglij) and the lead singer of Ra Ra Riot (Wes Miles) makes a beautiful, beautiful product. Together they have produced one of the best albums based upon sheer replay value; I STILL have their LP titled LP on heavy rotation and it has been over two years (the album has been out for three, I was a little slow). Still blowing me away after all these years, “So Insane” has even been my ringtone for a year and I don’t think I could get tired of it. So if you haven’t heard of Discovery, please get into them and get their LP, and if you have heard of them, your welcome for showing you a song you probably haven’t listened to enough times.


One comment on “Discovery – So Insane

  1. […] Some you may have heard of, like Vampire FREAKING Weekend and a personal favorite of mine, Discovery. He has teamed up with Ra Ra Riot (like he did for Discovery with Wes Miles) to make a silky […]

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