POP ETC – Keep It For Your Own

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

So the first video is a live session of this song (The Yours Truly session) and the next is a promo for their new release. I was introduced to these guys a while ago as The Morning Benders, but then I heard their stuff on the radio as POP ETC and it didn’t really strike me as anything that great. Skip forward to a couple days ago when I heard the lead singer (Chris Chu) on XM Radio and then they play this song. It has not left my head since! I am truly, truly addicted and cannot get enough of this song. The synth is super tight and mixed with the piano and breathy vocals, it totally creeps inside your skin and engulfs every part of you. It even teaches you how to be a hipster telling you to “keep it for your own” (or else it will get mainstream). Too bad for them, this song deserves to be heard by everyone.


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