Macklemore – The Town

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Okay, so now that Macklemore is a household name, he has the perfect soapbox to step upon to spread his message. When Macklemore isn’t hitting the Thrift Shop, he’s busy repping mine and his city (Seattle), advocating marriage equality, supporting music for kids in public schools, and trying to ease the animosity surrounding the rap and R&B scene. But most importantly for me, this guy single-handedly makes me proud of the place where I am from. This is one of his tracks that really attracted me to his sound. You should know that he does rep his city hard and this is something I feel everyone can appreciate, no matter where you come from. Finding an artist who is humble and will not sell out to the game is rare in the music business but is absolutely unheard of in the rap industry. Macklemore is truly one in a million; I am a proud supporter and you should be too.


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