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The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

I heard this band for the first time yesterday and I instantly thought of Local Natives. Their frontmen have similar voices except The Neighbourhood has a more free-flowing way of delivering the lyrics. This song, their single, has gotten some buzz on YouTube (amassing over 1 million views, quite an impressive feat for a band without a full length release). Their almost hip hop feel comes from frontman’s roots in the LA hip hop scene and it creates a surging beat with unadulterated indie musicals behind him. The track above is laden with innuendoes and this makes for a good song to get the mood right with a special someone, but it is the drums about a minute in that get me every time. So great! Check out their other videos (like “Female Robbery”), they are great and all done in the same high-contrast black and white. Enjoy.

Rostam Batmanglij – Scenic Cold (Katy Perry vs Beirut Mashup)

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

So, if the name Rostam Batmanglij doesn’t ring any bells, that’s understandable. You’re probably more familiar with his contribution to Vampire Weekend and Discovery, both amazing bands that have their own distinct sound. Just know that everything that Rostam touches turns into gold. Take a listen to this track (assuming you know both of the tracks he mashed up) and how he seamlessly weaves elements of both of the source tracks. To me, this further solidifies Rostam’s seat in the Indie hall of fame and to someone who enjoys electro-indie, he should definitely be on your radar at all times.