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Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – We The Common

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Oh dear, what a fun freaking band! This song builds into a marching anthem that begs you to “oooh” along with it. The Ukulele is a great touch and really fits their vibe so well! This song is great enough to get anyone to share in Thao’s (frontwoman) sentiment in that the common must cry. These guys have been putting out music for a while now and I’m a little bummed that they just came on my radar, but their newest album, “We The Common,” seems to be a major hit based upon the two singles (this and “Holy Roller“). Keep these guys on heavy rotation and they are sure to continue to please!

Churchill – Change

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Watch out Florence Welch, Bethany Kelly of Churchill has you in her crosshairs of the top Alt Rock diva. You will certainly be hearing much more from this band. Perhaps you have already heard them as this song was released as a free song on iTunes. They aren’t breaking any ground with their sound (or video editing for that matter), but it serves its purpose as good, poppy, rock that will have you tapping your foot. Bust this song in your car with your friends and you will totally become the musical trendsetter of your clique. Enjoy.

In The Valley Below – Peaches

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Man, I’ve been off here for a while. To make it up to you, I have a great band to whet your whistle. These guys are a catchy and hail from Echo Park, thus their sound is totally fitting of the SoCal lifestyle. Give this track a single listen and you will sure to be singing, whistling, tapping, etc. People will probably wonder why you are singing about sweet peaches, but that is because they are too passé to understand good music! Take this to your next beach party with a blanket and at basket full of peaches; you bet that will get the mood right.