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Grimes – Go (Feat. Blood Diamonds)

Friday, June 27th, 2014

So, if you haven’t heard Grimes before and are listening to this, keep in mind that her previously released music is NOTHING like this. That being said, THIS IS GOLD! Grimes (née Claire Elise Boucher) is a Canadian indie artist who actually has no formal music training. She started with the kit and taught herself how to loop and create different sounds and there is something admirable to that. I have to be honest, her music isn’t my favorite but she puts on a pretty good live show. Okay, about the song! She’s definitely taking advantage of the mainstream popularity of Trap music, and there is nothing wrong with that when the product is this fun and infectious. Her vox are actually perfect for EDM which may the way she is heading with her new album (apparently not due out until NEXT YEAR). Anyway, at least we got a good track to get some mileage out in the meantime. Enjoy.

Until The Ribbon Breaks – Spark

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Synth-pop outfit Until The Ribbon Breaks (lead by Pete Lawrie Winfield) out of Cardiff, UK and they truly harken back to the roots of their UK electro forefathers while seamlessly integrating an Indian influence. The blending of dub with sitar actually gives me chills. It’s super refreshing to hear radio-ready music that combines so many different influences (especially the hip-hop “WHOO-WHOO’s”). Winfield’s rough falsetto complements the raucous background so well. I feel a little guilty because I have slept on this band for about a year now as I joined their mailing list a while ago and haven’t really given them a good listen. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Listen now and get swept up! Also, if you are in LA, they have a Monday residency going on for the rest of the month at Bootleg, so hit them up!

Chet Faker – 1998

Friday, June 20th, 2014

This.Guy.Is.Going.Places! Think of an upbeat Tycho with vox and this is exactly what this song is. This is easily one of my favorite songs right now. Crisp drums, hard hitting synth in a lower BPM, distorted lyrics…what else do you need. Chet Faker (né Nicholas James Murphy) hails from Melbourne, Aus and he certainly won’t be staying there for long. His debut LP came out in mid-April, so you should definitely grab that as I am sure he will become big very soon.

OK Go – The Writing’s On The Wall

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Okay, so excuse the bandwagon post of this video. It’s just so freaking amazing! This is a band that puts a ton of time and thought into their music videos as well as their music. Because of videos like this and the personality they bring to their live shows, it’s easy to say that they are true entertainers! A welcome return from a band that truly inspires the mind through the images. The song itself is good and is radio ready, which (along with this video) will hopefully mean a revitalization of a great band many people may remember as the guys who danced on treadmills. Don’t remember that? Well you should probably click here. Enjoy, y’all.

G-Eazy (feat. E40 & Jay Ant) – Far Alone (Remix)

Monday, June 16th, 2014

I’ve always been drawn to the Bay Area rap scene, possibly because they never take themselves too seriously (as the whole premise to their demeanor is to “go stupid”). There is something to be said about this drug-induced way of life. It certainly makes for a unique brand of hip hop and this track is unlike one I have heard from the Bay. The slow, ominous guitar fading in and out in the background and drum machine make it impossible not to get swept up in the track. Enjoy this one.