Bibio – Anything New

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

CRUNCHY GOODNESS! The intro to this amazing track is long and entrancing. British producer Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson) certainly has some talent. His music is influenced by the likes of Boards of Canada (haven’t listened to them enough to comment on this) and Daft Punk (this is evident in the last third of the song). I first heard this song on our local NPR station in LA during one of their bits and it’s stuck with me. Hopefully it sticks with you and I’ll gladly take any “thank yous” below. Enjoy.

2 comments on “Bibio – Anything New

  1. […] now made it back to the list. I actually had to into the wayback machine to see that I had actually posted on them in ’14. The same sentiment I have for him still stands, the music this man produces I […]

  2. […] what this guy has been producing. If you want to hear one of his older tracks, make sure you check this out! Keeping up the vibes, this track from Stillhound called “Shy” isn’t […]

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