Jenny Lewis – Just One Of The Guys

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

So let’s flash back a couple weeks ago when I wrote my last post on Phox, and I told myself I wanted to also post on Jenny Lewis, but then I watched the music video and it didn’t really speak to me. The song is catchy (no doubt it’s gotten stuck in my head at least a dozen times over), but it’s pretty simple, and was lacking something. Guys, Jenny Lewis heard my moans and answered with this. Cross-dressing actresses ain’t your cup of tea? Good thing the song is still infectious as hell and will coat your morning (and probably most of your afternoon) with its whimsical, female baritone vocals. The only thing that irks me is I look nothing like these actresses as men (and that Kristen Stewart looks better as a dude)…does that mean I’m not a man? We’ll discuss this at a later time, but until then, enjoy!


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