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LRDC #THIS Week 8/25 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

So here’s the deal, I have some great treats for you this week. Our playlist this week is KILLING it on the emerging pop music. New music from MUTEMATH, ODESZA, Beirut are killer as expected, but we see some great returns from Neon Indian with the second track from his upcoming album, “”Slumlord,” and a very “Drums-esque” track from The Drums called “There is Nothing Left.” This week we also have a great new track from recent up-and-comer Lapsley. British multi-instrumentalist Holly Lapsley Fletcher has been making waves since dropping an EP last year on Soundcloud and the future certainly looks bright for her. Check out her incredibly catchy new track entitled “Hurt Me” and get caught up in it! Dan Auerbach, of The Black Keys fame, has a new project called The Arcs, and we’ve got a third track from his upcoming release “Put a Flower in Your Pocket.” Some honorable mentions on this week’s list are Coeur de Pirate‘s (my favorite French Canadian artist) new song “Carry On” which is super upbeat and very welcome here along with HEALTH’s heavy hitter “STONEFIST”. Everything about the latter is just so good, just be sure not to mash the gas pedal too hard if you’re enjoying the song in the car. Listen responsibly, people, and be sure to enjoy!

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LRDC #THIS Week 8/18 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

It’s that time of the week again! New music y’all! Here’s another solid hour of music to get you through your week. We see some strong showings from Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture with the dreamy, M83esque “Pray For Rain” and the Duke Dumont’s funky house anthem “Ocean Drive”. Since Tame Impala basically blew up 2015 with the release of “Currents,” I’ve included my favorite track from the album, “Eventually.” New music has been popping up from a couple bands we haven’t heard from in a while as well, so to cover that, we have new tracks from Silversun Pickups, Small Black, and Beach House. All of these are strong showings and prove to not disappoint.

Stay tuned in to Le Rez for the eventual return of Los Angeleno quintetet Local Natives who have been hinting to new music coming soon with some time being spent in Thailand writing and back in Los Angeles recording. As a HUGE Local Natives fan, I’m beyond excited to hear a follow up to 2013’s Hummingbird!


LRDC #THIS Week 8/11 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Hey you…yeah, YOU! You like music, right? You probably like new music as well! Well, you’re in luck. I’m embarking to try and curate short, digestible new music playlists to get you through your week. This week I have some great new music from the likes of Hot Chip (currently rocking it with their new album “Why Make Sense?”) and CHVRCHES who is planning on releasing their next LP next month (GET STOKED). There’s a little bit of pop, a little bit of weird, and a whole lot of new included on this list, so give it a run through and let me know what your favorite track is. I’m just going to get the ball rolling and say that my favorite on here is BAIO’s (Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend) “Sister of Pearl,”

Ready. Set. GO!

EL VY – Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

So, like me about 30 minutes ago, you probably haven’t heard of this band. That’s totally understandable as the members have kept the project under wraps for at least the past year. What this project is consisted of is one-fifth of The National (Matt Berninger, vocalist) and one-whole of Ramona Falls (Brent Knopf, also previously of Menomena). Have you ever wondered what The National would sound like if they got dropped into a vat of some funky juice? It’s safe to say that Brent’s experimental roots have slathered this song in funk, but as a perfect complement, Matt’s voice takes you straight into outer space in a rocket ship of silky vocals and a dancing bass line.

This cheeky lyric video tells a lot about the duo and how much fun they have already had and will inevitably have on this project. It’s great to see a different side of Matt Berninger that recalls a youthful airiness that will fit right in to your summer playlists that you’ve been rocking the past couple months. Plug in some head phones and enjoy this gravity-defying track as EL VY coaxes you to “Return to the Moon.” Enjoy!