LRDC #THIS Week 8/25 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

So here’s the deal, I have some great treats for you this week. Our playlist this week is KILLING it on the emerging pop music. New music from MUTEMATH, ODESZA, Beirut are killer as expected, but we see some great returns from Neon Indian with the second track from his upcoming album, “”Slumlord,” and a very “Drums-esque” track from The Drums called “There is Nothing Left.” This week we also have a great new track from recent up-and-comer Lapsley. British multi-instrumentalist Holly Lapsley Fletcher has been making waves since dropping an EP last year on Soundcloud and the future certainly looks bright for her. Check out her incredibly catchy new track entitled “Hurt Me” and get caught up in it! Dan Auerbach, of The Black Keys fame, has a new project called The Arcs, and we’ve got a third track from his upcoming release “Put a Flower in Your Pocket.” Some honorable mentions on this week’s list are Coeur de Pirate‘s (my favorite French Canadian artist) new song “Carry On” which is super upbeat and very welcome here along with HEALTH’s heavy hitter “STONEFIST”. Everything about the latter is just so good, just be sure not to mash the gas pedal too hard if you’re enjoying the song in the car. Listen responsibly, people, and be sure to enjoy!

Until next week,


Here are the past week’s Playlist to catch up as well!

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