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LRDC #THIS Week 9/29 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

No doubt about it, the highlight of this week’s list is Big Grams, which is a super group of sorts combining Big Boi of Outkast fame and the electro-indie duo, Phantogram. I’ve been digging this mashup of indie-electric and rap-pop so much that I put two songs on the list “Lights On” and “Goldmine Junkie”. I’ll be digging a bit deeper into the former of the two songs in a bit as well. Moving on, Youth Lagoon’s Trevor Powers has had great success in his rather short career (producing 3 albums) and has been compared to the likes of Pink Floyd & Flaming Lips. That is some serious talk, so if he isn’t on your radar, now is the time to get him there. On this week’s list, I’ve included a deeper track from Powers’ new album called “Free Me” and if I venture to be so bold, he almost sounds as if he is channeling Karen O in this, and I love the heck out of it!

Now, hot after releasing their single “Drag,” Day Wave has another upbeat ditty that is sure get your feet a-tapping. I liken the sound of this track to Real Estate after approximately twelve and a half Red Bulls, which I am more than a little fine with. From the pop, we move to a more eclectic sound in Empress Of’s “Standard.” A second showing from her on our lists, I’d describe this track as a discordant amalgam of  sounds and textures where her voice seems to float around willy-nilly. This makes me feel very uncomfortable for a couple moments, but just like a loyal dog, she always comes back into harmony.

This week’s honorary mentions will be as follows:

!!! – “Sick Ass Moon” – What an appropriate song for the week where we’ve experienced a sick ass, blood red moon. New music from “chk chk chk” (as they pronounce their name) is always appreciated as they have been able to stack hits over their almost 20 years of making music

Broken Bells – “It’s That Talk Again” – The side project of The Shin’s Brian Mercer and producer Danger Mouse, these guys have been churning out amazing song after amazing song. This being our first look at their upcoming album, I can say with absolute confidence that we are in for a treat when it drops. Also, you can still hear a bit of Bee Gees in here like you could on their track “Holding Onto Life,” which I love!!!

Hermitude – “Hijinx” ft. Chuck Inglish – Another showing from the Welsh duo, this one is a bonus track on their album “Dark Night Sweet Light.” It’s a hit right in the skull with heavy synth, 808s, and is pure, trap goodness.

The Feelies – “Paint it Black” – A Rolling Stones classic, covered by a band that was actually formed the year after The Stones released this track. With the band being comprised of some of the best musicians out there, it’s great to hear this track come to life again.

midnight – “Baptize” – Fall into the deep water of this song, get surrounded all around by it, be baptized by it. This is the song you put on when you’re trying to get low, like reeeeal low and it is a great song to try and hold onto Summer with!

Enjoy your week, guys!


LRDC #THIS Week 9/22 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

We interrupt your normally scheduled chillwave playlist to present you the danciest LRDC playlist yet! Whether you’re shaking your rump to our newest installment from Canadian rockers Stars, “A Simple Song,” or you’re literally letting it all loose new A-Trak music, a song called “We All Fall Down.” A sophomore to these lists, Kisses has another new song that absolutely blows my mind, called “The Nile.” With their neo-70’s disco, they will key their little synth straight into your heart…and honestly how can you not love their name and their twitter handle (@BlowKissess). Then we have another new song by the breakthrough act Slaptop called “Walls” that will make you want to create your own jungle tribal dance to. I guarantee if you to put this song on at a small gathering, someone will comment on it…it’s THAT good! If you want to kick off this weekend like Greased Lightening, channel your inner John Travolta (minus all the weird beliefs) with “MDR” from this sick Belgian solo act called Petite Noir. If you want to witness perfection when it comes to producing dancable electro-indie (IMO) take a little listen to “Nostalgia” by RAC & Doe Paoro.

Okay, okay! It’s not ALL dance music, because we have a great new song from the all-female Hinds (fka Deers) who have been killing the lo-fi garage game as of late. Not into that? Well, we have some glitchy orchestrals coming straight from New York trio Battles in “FF Bada.” There is something so familiar, yet so new and inviting (cue the staccato guitars) in this track and it will have you entertained for many listens over the next week! For those of you who are fans of the sounds of Surfer Blood but also have an affinity for female leads, look no farther than Moving Panoramas. Their song “One” focuses on linearity and simplicity without sacrificing an encapsulating sound that will leave you wanting more.

And our honorable mentions will begin now:

Beat Connection – “Illusion” – Just as their name would lead on, Beat Connection has the uncanny ability to create music that is best listened to with other people, either friends or a very special someone. Share this with your bestie or lover this week!

Aquilo – “Good Girl” – The title aside, I have a feeling that this song strikes the XX chromosomes to actually act like a “bad girl.” This sets the mood off right and would fit anywhere from a cocktail lounge to the bedroom.

Mansionair – “Speak Easy” – This outfit out of Sydney can cater to a ton of fans. I’m hearing some Snow Patrol, Coldplay, and even Enya in the chill sounds Mansionair has produced. Hipsters rejoice, though, they only have 14k likes on Facebook

Wild Belle – “Giving Up On You” – If you work with me (or date me…Megan), you definitely know I have a small crush on Natalie Bergman, who is one half of this brother-sister group. This band is intriguing in the fact that they meld indie-pop seamlessly with so many island influences. Whether it be in the percussion or the sounds in the background, it’s just so alluring to me and I hope you enjoy.

Have a great week,


LRDC #THIS Week 9/15 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Buzz Buzz Buzz go the bands in this week’s installment of LRDC #THIS Week! Rest assured, they are buzzing for good reason. Whether it’s Empress Of who just handed a stellar 8.2 from Pitchfork on her new release “Me,” CHVRCHES new banger “Clearest Blue,” or the dance rap song of of the year from Falcons entitled “Aquafina.” Each of these tracks are evidence of all the boxes indie music is ticking right now to really fit any musical preference. The up-and-comer award on this week’s list goes to Oakland’s Astronauts, etc. who put together a beautiful “Miike Snow sans heavy synth” sound in the single, “Shake it Loose.” This track has a beautiful, airy and pervasive sound to it where you almost feel like you are hearing it in an empty auditorium. It’s anyone’s guess why they haven’t blown up, but here’s your chance to get in before they’re big as they have less than 7000 Facebook likes. SO GLAD to see another single this week coming from Jr. Jr. (fka Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.) with their super-poppy track “As Time Goes” that will keep you dancing all damn week. Also filed under “SO GLAD,” is new freaking music from The Radio Dept. who have been radio…silent except for some experimental EPs since their (amazing) 2010 album “Clinging To A Scheme.”

Right now, let’s get into the wayback-machine to 2007 to when my hair was longer than my last relationship and I exclusively listened to music that lead people “to write love on their arms.” Well, I guess we don’t need the wayback-machine because we have a new track from The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die called “I Can Be Afraid of Anything” and it channels the days of Sunny Day Real Estate perfectly! No discredit to them, they fit really well in the music scene as it is, with their well thought out melodic vocals and grandiose orchestration. I’m every bit as much of a fan as I would have been circa mid-2000s. From there, let’s get in the Delorean and head straight to 2016 when the 70’s indie-disco duo Kisses is the hottest thing. Remember when you heard about them in 2015?? Their new track “Control” will help you lose control from the “Westside to the Eastside” and back again. Now onto this week’s honorable mentions:

Young Galaxy – “Factory Flaws” – The band name is super appropriate as it was started by a former touring guitarist of Stars and they hold onto that similar bright pop that we love from the latter.

Skylar Spence – “I Can’t Be Your Superman” – the artist formerly known as Saint Pepsi up until receipt of a cease and desist from a company who will not be named on this post. This track is what we would expect from Mr. Spence (his name is actually Ryan DeRobertis), in that it will remain in your head for 5.6 days.

Small Black – “Back at Belle’s” – Now a LRDC #THIS Week veteran, Small Black has been releasing some FIRE tracks from his upcoming record “Best Blues” (out 10/18 on Jagjaguwar) and this one is no exception.

Young Empires – Mercy

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Scanning through some of the songs that I’ve posted about, or listening to the tracks on my playlists, you can quickly gather that I like bands that skirt the line between multiple genres. Defying labels is something that I strive for, and I look for that in the music that I listen to. The best part of being more difficult to label is it is open to interpretation of the individual, so whichever individual classified the Canadian trio, Young Empires, as “baroque pop” in Wikipedia needs a medal for thinking outside the freaking box! With an affinity for full soundscapes, Young Empires sure can tick a ton of genre boxes with an alt-rock sound that is HUGE and a ton of electric music influences, yet they are pretty well unknown in the alt-rock & electronic world (under 5000 YouTube plays on a song of this caliber is quite low). Full is a great word to describe “Mercy,” their eventual breakout track! Now is your chance to jump on a band that is not going to sneak under the radar for much longer; it’s only a matter of time. For fans of AWOLNATION, InnerPartySystem, or Savoir Adore, you will take to these guys immediately. Give them a quick listen and don’t be afraid to bob your head at your desk a bit, we’re all doing it.



CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue

Friday, September 11th, 2015

If you have been keeping up with Indie music, you cannot escape the Scotish electro-indie, darlings CHVRCHES. Their 2012 breakout singles “Lies” and “The Mother We Share” gave us a glimpse into something very special. A band that is seamlessly weaving radio-ready synth-pop with a certain complexity in execution and subject matter of thier lyrics. Despite the complexity, every single song they have released is quite approachable. That’s enough recap to get us caught up to September 2015. You should definitely know that CHVRCHES have a new album coming out in the latter part of this month and have been releasing tracks pretty regularly to give people a taste of what to expect on the Sophomore Full-Length release, “Every Open Eye”. The first single, “Leave a Trace,”  built a up a ton of anticipation and buzz. It was apparent that CHVRCHES hadn’t strayed too far from the formula that got them where they were. Authentic, refined lyrics with tight beats and vocals remains consistent to what we’ve seen.  The second single, “Never Ending Circles,” really echoed the sound and feel that we got from some of the later singles on their first LP, “The Bones of What We Believe.” That brings us to “Clearest Blue”, which I believe is the real standout track of the three. This track swells in seamless ebbs and flows from the first from the first few versus and leads to a bit of a hurried delivery of the lyrics, at least more so than we have heard from the Glaswegian trio. Something tells me that this track is important to the band as the upcoming album lends it’s namesake to some of the lyrics. Launching from the lyrics “will you meet me more than halfway up,” the song totally opens up into a playful mix of heavy synth and a glitchy scratching that is sure to stay with you long after the song is over. The song closes with some faint, repetition of lyrics that produces an ethereal sound, as if you’ve cast yourself into the “Clearest Blue”.

Enjoy and be sure to pick up the new CHVRCHES’ album on 9/25 out on Glassnote Records!


LRDC #THIS Week 9/9 New Music Playlist

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

We get this week’s playlist a day late and you can blame the holiday for that, don’t worry, I’ll return next Tuesday with another batch of new tracks. Let’s get this started!

I’m not going to lie, there is a ton of diversity on this week’s list. Straying from the normal, chill-wave I know and love, I’ve included a new track from FIDLAR (or Fuck it Dog, Life’s a Risk) named “Leave Me Alone” that rocks pretty hard. For the top tracks that you’re going to hear the rest of this year, look no further but Scooter Island’s track, “Breezy” and Hermitude’s “The Buzz.” The former is number one on the list for a reason, it will get you in the mood to tackle whatever the day has in store for you and the latter gets the mood set real quick! Get ready to break out your dancing shoes for this and Superhumanoid’s “Norwegian Black Metal,” which is actually nothing like the title, unless the Norwegian’s idea of black metal is funky synth and drums and soaring vocals (doubtful). Go ahead and keep those dancing shoes on, too, for “Mercy” by Young Empires and get ready to thizz your face right off. I was very excited to hear the next new single from EL VY in “I’m the Man to Be.” It tramples into a more edgy arena (speaking of dicks and such) and is not as easily played as their last single, “Return to the Moon,” but there is nothing wrong with it. Give it a couple listens and you’ll be hooked as Matt Berninger weaves in and out of his tawdry story. Some interesting new music is coming from Martin Courtney, who you may remember from Real Estate. His track “Northern Highway” is like Real Estate did a project with Real Estate writing about stuff Real Estate writes about. Good thing I like Real Estate, which is why I added it to the list. Honorable mentions are as follows:

Painted Palms – “Disintegrate” – Freaking beautiful album art and a catchy track to boot

Small Black – “No One Wants it to Happen to You” – They’re killing it again with a track reminiscent to Washed Out in the best way possible.

John Grant – “Dissapointing” – This song is dynamic, haunting, and is strangely upbeat despite the minor chords and title

LRDC #THIS Week 9/1 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Guys, we have the Labor Day holiday coming up and what sounds better than a break from work to just chill out for three days? Well, we have the perfect playlist for you to chill the eff out this weekend! We have all new music coming from some of my favorite buzzbands from the past few years with UK’s Chad Valley and Quebec’s Majical Cloudz and one from my not-so-favorite buzzband, FKA Twigs. That last comment aside, FKA Twigs‘ new track “In Time” ebbs and flows so seamlessly, you’d think it was multiple songs. Other strong showings on this playlist include a new favorite of mine by electro-indie duo, GEMS, called “Living as a Ghost”. Give this track a listen and you’ll be hooked instantly. Could this group be the next CHVRCHES, and sweep the world by storm? I think they show such potential here, and I’m stoked to see what else they have to offer when their full-length is out on Oct 30th (on Carpark Records). Honorable mentions on the list are YACHT with a new witty new song called “I Thought the Future Would be Cooler” and a SIIIICK, disco remix of Hot Chip’s “Started Right” by Joe Goddard.

I hope y’all enjoy!