LRDC #THIS Week 9/1 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Guys, we have the Labor Day holiday coming up and what sounds better than a break from work to just chill out for three days? Well, we have the perfect playlist for you to chill the eff out this weekend! We have all new music coming from some of my favorite buzzbands from the past few years with UK’s Chad Valley and Quebec’s Majical Cloudz and one from my not-so-favorite buzzband, FKA Twigs. That last comment aside, FKA Twigs‘ new track “In Time” ebbs and flows so seamlessly, you’d think it was multiple songs. Other strong showings on this playlist include a new favorite of mine by electro-indie duo, GEMS, called “Living as a Ghost”. Give this track a listen and you’ll be hooked instantly. Could this group be the next CHVRCHES, and sweep the world by storm? I think they show such potential here, and I’m stoked to see what else they have to offer when their full-length is out on Oct 30th (on Carpark Records). Honorable mentions on the list are YACHT with a new witty new song called “I Thought the Future Would be Cooler” and a SIIIICK, disco remix of Hot Chip’s “Started Right” by Joe Goddard.

I hope y’all enjoy!



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