CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue

Friday, September 11th, 2015

If you have been keeping up with Indie music, you cannot escape the Scotish electro-indie, darlings CHVRCHES. Their 2012 breakout singles “Lies” and “The Mother We Share” gave us a glimpse into something very special. A band that is seamlessly weaving radio-ready synth-pop with a certain complexity in execution and subject matter of thier lyrics. Despite the complexity, every single song they have released is quite approachable. That’s enough recap to get us caught up to September 2015. You should definitely know that CHVRCHES have a new album coming out in the latter part of this month and have been releasing tracks pretty regularly to give people a taste of what to expect on the Sophomore Full-Length release, “Every Open Eye”. The first single, “Leave a Trace,”  built a up a ton of anticipation and buzz. It was apparent that CHVRCHES hadn’t strayed too far from the formula that got them where they were. Authentic, refined lyrics with tight beats and vocals remains consistent to what we’ve seen.  The second single, “Never Ending Circles,” really echoed the sound and feel that we got from some of the later singles on their first LP, “The Bones of What We Believe.” That brings us to “Clearest Blue”, which I believe is the real standout track of the three. This track swells in seamless ebbs and flows from the first from the first few versus and leads to a bit of a hurried delivery of the lyrics, at least more so than we have heard from the Glaswegian trio. Something tells me that this track is important to the band as the upcoming album lends it’s namesake to some of the lyrics. Launching from the lyrics “will you meet me more than halfway up,” the song totally opens up into a playful mix of heavy synth and a glitchy scratching that is sure to stay with you long after the song is over. The song closes with some faint, repetition of lyrics that produces an ethereal sound, as if you’ve cast yourself into the “Clearest Blue”.

Enjoy and be sure to pick up the new CHVRCHES’ album on 9/25 out on Glassnote Records!



One comment on “CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue

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