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LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 10/27

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Sorry guys, this may be a shorter post. Work has been killer, but there are some great new songs this week that deserve the limelight! Jumping right in, let’s get into the Delorean, crank it to 88 and head to 1988 to a live show of The Talking Heads. Just kidding, you’re in your mom’s Corolla, it won’t go 88 and it’s 2015 and you’re listening to a new song by UK natives Field Music called “The Noisy Days are Over.” I really just drove that comparison home, but aren’t there some striking similarities? That’s what I thought! Next in your heavy rotation for the week is a new jam from Chet Faker along with Marcus Marr entitled “The Trouble With Us.” It’s a straight funky pop jam that is a bit Calvin Harris did a single with Justin Timberlake, but as I always say, nothing wrong with that. It is sure to get a ton of listens and launch Chet Faker to even more success than he was already seeing, which is a ton!

*Buzz* *buzz* *buzz*, can you hear it? It’s Grimes, guys, stealing all the limelight from everyone! She has been rumored to have a new full length coming out for so long and last week we got our first look at the album art for said release. She’s a fan of doing things out of nowhere and controlling the timing at which things come out. The track on this week’s list was released two days ago and came almost out of nowhere. The song itself, “Flesh Without Blood,”  has a signature Grimes sound that we have come to know from her full-lengths and her countless singles over the past year that I’ve heard will not even be making it to the aforementioned full length. This track has a very widespread appeal in my opinion, much like “Realiti” & “Go”, some of her more recent singles. It is great to see a strong leading track and I hope we hear some more fire from Grimes as these singles trickle in.

Have you heard of Kamp!? Likely not, but for the past couple years they have been gaining some buzz (while mostly in Scandanavia) with a signature yet dynamic sound that stays within the fuzzy, prog-synth realm. The Polish three piece has a wikipedia page…but it can only be found in Polish, which is quite interesting. Well, they have a full length that released last week called “Orneta” and it went pretty much unnoticed by Americans, but here I am, telling you to listen to it, so let’s set the trend in the opposite way! After a couple listens, the track that really stood out was called “Zandata Mondata” and is the fourth song on our list. This song is just so great, I have been listening to it on repeat all weekend! I suggest you do the same.

Here are the honorable mentions for this week:

Negative Gemini – “You Never Knew” – Seeing as Halloween is this week, what’s more appropriate than including a song that will haunt you. Believe me, listen to this once and you’ll be inaudibly singing “You Never Knew” ALL DAMN DAY. It’s actually kind of cool, you should try it out!

St. Lucia – “Dancing On Glass” – A personal favorite of mine, St. Lucia just has the musical chemistry right to put me in the best mood ever. This song is very much inclusive of that quality! This is the first we’re hearing from them in 2 full years, so I’m excited for another release to keep up my Discography of them on vinyl #humblebrag

Raury – “Kingdom Come” – This singer songwriter has it. This song is just executed so well and I can’t say enough about this newcomer. Apparently I’m not alone, because he has absolutely blown up over the past couple weeks.

Ugh, there’s so many more wonderful musicians I would love to feature, but that’s it for this week. Enjoy this week’s playlist and maybe leave some love about the artists I wasn’t able to write about below.


LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 10/20

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

THE MASHUP HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED GUISEEEE!! You may remember hearing from earlier in the summer at Glastonbury, Hot Chip finished their set off with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” and somehow ended with “All Your Friends” by LCD Soundsystem. This left the Internet aghast for at least 10 hours, and then onto the next picture of a cat doing something comical, but it was a huge deal for me! They’ve even followed up releasing the track with a sick retro video that really drives home everything perfect about Hot Chip.

This week we have a dynamic, airy romp from Diane Coffee, a man whose name is actually Shaun Fleming. He may be better known as the drummer of Foxygen, and this all makes sense when you hear the song. I like Foxygen, but I think Diane Coffee is a bit more approachable on this track. He achieves a sound that sounds a bit like Tame Impala, and if their success is any indication, this sound sells. I wish him all the best on his solo project, now on his 2nd full length that has touches of Foxygen which will be a breath of fresh air for people who are awaiting a follow-up to last year’s “…And Star Power.”

The previously mention tracks are awesome, but I’d have to say that this week’s hottest track comes from the lovely little CO duo, Chairlift. If you’re familiar with Chairlift, you’re probably thinking “really”? No disrespect to the band, as they produce some great catchy, lighthearted synth pop, but it would be difficult to imagine a track that really blew you away as they deal in the minutiae when crafting their music. Well, it’s a new dawn for the band with “Ch-Ching,” a bouncy jam that could accompany you enjoying a drink at a dance club or you could catch your neighborhood b-boy practicing his windmills to it. This track defies everything you thought you knew about the love-song toting duo and I love every single thing about it. Put this one in heavy rotation.

Keeping with Chairlift’s usual stylo, we have a new single from the Dum Dum Girls, but, mind you, they are not alone; they’ve collabed with the boys of Merchandise. In “Red Sun” they blend both of their styles effectively to make an airy, lo-fi track that makes you wonder why they didn’t come together before this as they have very similar sounds. Maybe this is a sign of a more long-term partnership between the two groups. I think this would be a very fruitful relationship! Speaking of lo-fi, the reigning champions (Beach House) have ANOTHER full length album released, and not 2 months have passed since their critically acclaimed “Depression Cherry” hit shelves. This one is “Thank Your Lucky Stars” and I’ve included the first track titled “Majorette” on the list. This dreamy little number is way more my speed than what I heard on “Depression,” for some reason I just could not get into that album.

Before jumping into honorable mentions, I wanted to feature a track from a band who has completely reinvented themselves. Moving with the times, the band Oceana have wandered from their post-hardcore roots to a funky, full-band outfit called Polyenso. Their new single “17 New Years” goes far beyond what I would have ever imagined after hearing their early stuff. There are some island influences on this track in the percussion and I was instantly drawn to it. They remind me of the huge sound and infectious melodies that Crosses puts out, and with the a similar background for each of these bands, who knows if this will start a trend of the alt & hardcore world of music finding their soft side.

Here are some honorable mentions:

VERITE – “Sober” – Calling it, this is the jam of the winter. This kid from NY (she’s only 25), is going places with a radio-ready sound that will probably end up on Apple commercials or accompanying an EDM track from the Skriplo Ruskobinson’s of the world.

St Germain – “Real Blues” – I was swept up in this track when I first heard it. I just love the mix of heavy percussion with strings in the background and it just oozes bossa nova. This Frenchman has been making music for a long time, so I’ve also enjoyed going through his catalogue.

Cool Ghouls – “Creature That I Am” – I’m 99.99% sure (we’re talking Lysol percentages, guys) that these guys were actually cryogenically frozen in the 60’s. They exude that analog garage sound that got our parents into music that subsequently got us into music. I love the psychedelia and grittiness of it all even though that might not be my scene at all.

Enjoy your week!


LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 10/13

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

This week on the LRDC New Music Playlist, we’re starting off with some heat. While Pumarosa does not have much music out there on the interwebs, there is nothing inherently wrong with hyping up a band after only hearing a song or two. I told everyone I knew about CHVRCHES upon my first listen of “The Mother We Share” and they’ve come so far. Pumarosa has something very special, a sound that is not easily defined (or rather confined to a label). It’s chill, yet very intentional with a tight and cohesive sound that gives it great intensity. I now consider myself a “Priestess” and you should too! Speaking of heat…hot off the presses from the solo act Porches is “Hour” (I promise I’ll stop with the temperature references). Aaron Maine (AKA Porches) nails a upbeat synth jam that I would liken to Tanlines only a bit darker and much more cerebral.

Straight out of the 80’s is Postiljonen‘s new track “Go!”…and yes, the exclamation point is necessary! This track has so much to love, from the high pitched “Go!”, muted and airy vocals, and the crazy guitar riffs that seemingly come out of no where. This could easily be classified as heavy dream-pop, and that classification has me thrilled for more new ish from these Swedes!

Minnesota youngsters (all in their teens or 20), Hippo Campus have a crunchy new song “Dollar Bill” that rides lovely indie-pop vibes much like what we have seen from Local Natives in the past. Their youth quickly takes a back seat when you give them a listen as their carefully crafted hooks draw you into their entire catalog. Coming from someone who has seen this band live (twice), these kids are going somewhere if not just based on their live show alone! If you don’t know, now you know.

Bet you didn’t expect Duke Dumont to set your week off right. Give his track “Melt” one listen and you’ll be hooked. Work out to it, walk through a busy street to it, troll on Facebook to it, make love to it, it can do everything. This song will get you in the mood to fully enjoy Crooked Colours’ wobbly new hit, “Step.” This song goes 0-100 REAL quick. From down-tempo synth and baby soft vocals, the drop is funky and will having you bob your head till your neck breaks. Let us all say a prayer in unison that this Australian trio’s whole forthcoming album is full of songs like this, because I need to make sure I get my monies worth out of this to support my head.

Honorable Mentions:

Majical Cloudz – “Downtown” – Thinking of tracks about downtown, perhaps Petula Clark or Macklemore come to mind. This track is nothing like the tracks by the aforementioned artists.

RAC ft. Katie Herzig – “3am” – So it should be obvious that I’m infatuated with RAC and everything they release. Katie Herzig is channeling her inner Imogen Heap in this track (sorry, I’ve actually never heard anything Herzig has done prior to this) and it creates a dreamy track with the wonderful electronic genius that is RAC.

Bloc Party – “The Love Within” – New music from Bloc Party…that’s it. They’re dope and so is this new track, so stoked for more singles!

Chromatics – “White Light” – So we’ve been teased since early this year with a new LP from these guys (it was supposed to be out FEBRUARY), but instead they keep tempting us with chill jams. GIVE US THE FULL LENGTH ALREADY!

That’s it for this week everyone! Thanks and enjoy!


YACHT – L.A. Plays Itself

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

From YACHT, we get another new look at their upcoming album (“I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler”) in the form of my now-favorite song by the band. It’s called “L.A. Plays Itself” and it’s a glitchy little number with enough playful, circuity synth to make your heart smile. Take a step back and while you’re listening to the chorus, you’ll hear glimpses of 112’s 2001 hit, “Dance With Me.” That’s one of the great things about this song, it spans so many generations with it’s sound. It’s a bit funky Seventies, a skosh prog-synth Eighties, and a smidgen dance-pop Nineties while remaining very current.

Carrying over themes from the documentary of the same name, this song hits on some bigger issues of the vanity of the city  that every Angeleno can identify with. That said, there is something about this city that gets more difficult to leave the longer you are here. A certain draw that could be attributed to you learning “…all the simple things are free.” Getting down to the meat of it, “you never get caught if you’re never locked in,” so if you don’t like it, I guess that means more sunshine for the rest of us!



Big Grams – Lights On

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

No doubt about it, one of the most exciting new projects this year is Big Grams (aside from EL VY), which is a super group of sorts combining Big Boi of Outkast fame and the electro-indie duo, Phantogram. There are the two standout tracks and are most likely going to be their singles that they’ll promote for the foreseeable future, the song above and their first single “Fell in the Sun.” Another fun tid-bit is they will be making their live debut at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, and lucky you, there are still tickets available here!!! So, here’s why you need to drag your butt to SF to see this mashup of indie and pop-rap. If you’ve seen Phantogram live, you probably would venture to say that they tear the house right down. Adding a rapper made famous by songs regarding Polaroids, the smell of farts, and apologizing to the grandmother of your illegitimate baby can only enhance the overall performance factor on all levels!

Giving their new EP a first listen, there definitely is a cohesiveness to it, yet every song sounds so different. Each track has a great balance between the two sounds that the Phantogram and Big Boi bring to the table. It’s absolutely fascinating that something like this has come to be and the only other project that I could say is every bit as much surreal is Run The Jewels’Meow The Jewels” project (listen to that right meow!). So, if you’re down for the sound you’ve become familiar with on previous Phantogram releases, but want a little more edginess, this is your lucky day!



LRDC #THIS Week 10/6 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

For this week’s installment of LRDC becomes even more eclectic, I’ve thrown in some curve balls for your listening enjoyment. The first standout track is one from the most buzzed about black metal band in the past 20 years, Deafheaven. I would call this band the 2010’s Converge as they have proven to be very innovative within the umbrella of “heavy metal.” The track I’ve included, “Brought to the Water,” falls under that category as heavy music with a bit of something extra. As the band has stated several influences in the shoegaze genre, they have been put under the genre of Blackgaze by Wikipedia, and I can definitely agree with that definition. To be honest, it’s taken me a couple listens of their freshly released album “New Bermuda” to get into it, and that is saying a ton as I was a proponent to the metal scene in my earlier years, so give it the time it deserves and I’m sure you will grow to love it.

Another interesting track included this week is one by Massachusetts post-rockers Caspian. Their track “Arcs of Command” is a long one (like the previously mentioned song), clocking in at just under 9 minutes. Want to know why the song is so long? They take two and a half whole minutes to get up to 60% volume. But believe me, the wait is oh so worth it. This song swells into something that is just so aurally pleasing on so many levels. With the melodic lead guitar and the slow, driving drums in the first half, it almost lulls you to sleep. Not for long of course, because it turns into a turbulent ride through waves of different sounds and well-calculated instrumentals. This one may take some time to fully grasp its depth.

A not so strange sound to our weekly lists is the very “Neon Indian-esque” Mirror Kisses/George Clanton with “Never Late Again”. On his just-released album “100% Electronica” he pumps his vaporwave stylo and pushes it beyond that straight into space. Knocking you further into the great unknown is another new track from Chromatics called “Shadow.” We’ve all been patiently waiting for their new full-length, which was due out in February, but I guess that’s just the nature of the art. What Chromatics does so well is creating so much out of so little, with whisper-like vocals and simple beats/synth, it’s music you find you are just always in the mood for. Also, this song just reminds me of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” and who doesn’t love The Beatles?

While you’re in that mood of exploring space and the wonderment of the unknown, let’s go back in time to the 80s. This resurgence of 80s themes in electro-indie tracks is warmly welcomed by me and I’ve featured two such bands who have knocked it out of the park in capturing this nostalgia and bringing it into the 22nd century! Maserati’s has a unique way of blending rock with space-like sounds into songs that belong on the final round of a video game, and “Rehumanizer II” is our first peep from them since their 2012 release. While Maserati has the full band space-rock sound, Pittsburgh duo Zombi does it with just synthesizers, bass, and drums. Their new song “Mission Creep” also would be at home in a video game, perhaps a boss level on Megaman. You can hear influences of the 60s, 70s, and 80s in these guys sound, but there is something new and refreshing to this track that makes me excited to see what they have next for us. Good thing we only have to wait until 10/16 for their next release, “Shape Shift,” to come out.

Here are this week’s honorable mentions:

Shigeto – “Do My Thing” – I really have been digging this less-is-more thing and Shigeto has the ambient techno boxes ticked. I’ve learned recently that this solo act (Zachary Shigeto Saginaw) was also a touring drummer for School of Seven Bells (RIP) who are a very prized favorite of mine.

Escondido – “Heart is Black” – I’m sure this duo was featured in their high school yearbooks as the two people who would most likely be a part of a Fleetwood Mac cover band. Not only do they have the look, but they have the sound. Their country-rock sound spans a ton of other genres and even decades of music, and this is certainly a standout track within the indie scene.

BØRNS – “Fool” – Your dancehall track of the year is here, it’s right here! I love the funky vibes this band has been putting out as of late. The funny thing is so is every music outlet and radio station, so jump on these guys before they’re too cool to be “cool.”

Band of Horses ft. Excision – “The Funeral” – Why? Because why not. I love Band of Horses and if “new music” comes in the form of a subtly “dubbed-up” version of a song I know and love? I ain’t mad.