LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 3/9/16

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Okay chiefs, let’s kick this off on a strong note. The opening track of this week’s stellar list is a BANGER WITH A CAPITAL B. From the Dutch producer San Holo (extra points for originality), we have the aural spectacle that is “New Sky.” Glitchy, melodic, head banger. Straight jams, man. British songwriter Låpsley is back on our list with a chill track called “Cliff” that has a bit of an XX feel to it. Next, let Allen Stone take to you straight to the weekend on a Wednesday. This guy will get you shaking and grooving with his funky new song “The Weekend.”

I believe I heard the next song by case/lang/viers (extra points for even more originality) on KCRW and really enjoyed it. It has soothing orchestrals with a touch of First Aid Kit. Another female vocalist (this one of Cults fame) has teamed up with her brother to form Follin and their single “Roxy” is sure a standout track. It’s familiar yet very uniquely haunting and it’s difficult for me to sum up. All I’m sure of is that I really like it.

So, you remember Mario Kart on SNES and the sickest track? You and I both know it was Rainbow Road, well British producer Leon Vynehall has made a great reference to this in the title of “Midnight on Rainbow Road.” It’s really just that, a great song to listen to on any road at midnight, rainbow or not, but preferably rainbow. Next up is the song that you reaaaaally had to try hard to not hear anything about last week as it basically broke the internet. That’s right, new M83 and it is sitting really nice with me. I don’t know if it strikes me quite as much as their previous singles, but it certainly grows on you. It’s like they got caught in a haunted house for 2 weeks and came out with a indie-powerhouse jam that is is as cheeky as it’s album cover featuring a little yorkie. Talking about album covers, the next artist, et aliae, certainly nailed it. I love the 3D petals & thorns. Much like the song, it is beautiful, yet prickly. With a got a glitchy, staccato beat with towering vocals over it, this track really is a standout despite it’s slower tempo.

I haven’t been following along with Mitski’s past work, but I’m kind of bummed that I haven’t. I’ve been hearing about her everywhere and it’s all buzz about the next song “Your Best American Girl,” which is a fuzzy, heady, rock anthem. Super cute track, but man, it’s got a bite and some grit to it and I like it that way. If you heard the playlist a couple weeks ago, no doubt you noticed the song by The Range called “Florida.” Well they have another new track called “Five Four,” and it really proves these guys aren’t a one trick pony. Taking a different approach with rap leads, it’s got the deep base and piano orchestration we heard on the former, but it feels a bit more mature and refined. I like!

Not quite sure what to make of the name of the next band…MOOD ROBOT, doesn’t really give away much about the band, but perhaps it does. Emotive synth with multiple vocalists and heavy hits barraging you from all angles. Perhaps that is what a MOOD ROBOT is. This song knocks and these guys will definitely be in heavy rotation for the forseeable future!

I really should just frame the album art from all of the songs on the playlist…they’re killing it. The next song is very much included. I have to tell you that this band took me a couple listens to really get into it. Spookyland has a rustic authenticity to them with that recalls power ballads of the early 80’s and that cross between rock and country of the late 90’s. Give it a couple listens, you’ll probably like it too. One song you know I didn’t have to give a couple listens to fall in love was this new Yeasayer track. It’s just like I remember them and it’s “Silly…” In a similar category is this new track from Goldwash who brings some deep house and some bossa nova vibes.

Okay, let’s close out on a high note with a new song from Scotland’s own Frightened Rabbit. This band is proof that there are still bands out there that I’m not too quick at finding. With over 120k likes on facebook, these guys are no new thing. I’m merely here to expose you to them hopefully so we can learn together! This is all for you and the experience we share together. Are you enjoying it, because I certainly am!

Thanks and have a great night



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