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LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 2/23/16

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Okay, you ready? Because I think this is my best list since LRDC has started. What it may lack in stark diversity, it makes up in spades with heavy hits, entrancing synth, and beautiful vocals. Let’s kick it off.

After being featured on Apple Music & across the blogosphere, UK songsmith Astonomyy launched into instant notoriety with his single “The Secret.” One thing isn’t a secret, this cat is going places. Keeping with the vibes and cranking it up a bit, we have power synth rockers Midi Matilda, and from the sound of this track, they are poppy and wonderful. Something tells me I’m going to abuse the word “synth” for the remainder of this post, so just bear with me. We have a new track from Lovespeake that is blasts you off with a dancing bass line, a bit of funky, and playful synth all around it, this one is the jam!

Getting a bit more glitchy and reserved, we’ve got a new song from artist Michl who is reeeeeally killing it with his honest lyrics and vocals. To me he sounds like Sam Smith, but much less commercial. Australian’s Gyspy & The Cat are one band who I wish was on my radar earlier. They have the sound that I find myself going for all the time. Crystal clear vocals with synth textures behind a simple guitar riff, it makes you feel like your flying on a bed of clouds. Let’s get grounded for a bit, or better yet, get pitted with surf rockers Summer Salt (great name). Hailing from Austin, TX, the live music capitol of the world, these guys are in good company, yet they stand out with great crunchy, vintage vibes.

Now, let’s launch into some chillwave with Memoryhouse. I’ve featured the first track off of their newest record “Soft Hate” and I think I love everything about it. It moves around and has a great flow to it. Next up is an artist who I have had a love-hate relationship with. FKA Twigs’, first couple singles have not been my cup of tea, but for this new track “Good to Love” it sounds like she has hung up some of her weirdness and traded it in for some pop. Strangely enough, this reminds me of the stuff we’ve been hearing from Lapsley, and I’m really digging it!

Let’s hit some synthpop jams, and there is no better description of these guys who go by MIAMIGO. It’s pure, unadulterated, chill pop that takes you back to the early 00’s with the lead singer’s Justin Timber-like vocals. And now, the funky sounds of Mayer Hawthorne flicking the ivories right into your heart. Speeding that exact beat up, we have a track from Misun & Gil the Kid that is powerful tour de force of mashed piano keys, shred guitar strings, and shouty vocals. Taking it to the garage, our favorite girls from Bleached take us back to a time where we were just Raging Against the Machine and thinking we would never have any Offspring and chilling in Nirvana. This song, “Wednesday Night Melody” has been stuck in my head for the past week and I think I’m in love with it.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Choir of Young Believers‘ “Gamma Moth” with headphones. The intro is trippy as hell and the rest of the song does not dissappoint either. These guys have been producing music for their newly released full length that is just so dynamic and unique, it’s really in a class of it’s own. Their album, “Grasque,” is full of songs long (8:17) and short (0:52) and is definitely worth your time. Okay, let’s start the clapping and get into this new cut by Vaults who has now stolen my heart. I’ve featured them a couple times and every time I listen to another song by them, I’m amazed by how much it speaks to me. It’s soulful and heavy yet light and our lead singer has a a sound like Florence meeting Adele to her.

So, before you check in on me and wonder why I put a movie score on the list, make sure you get past 1:15. It launches into a full blown assault that demands you break your neck bobbing to it. This whole album is such a surprise to me and is STACKED with a great lineup of artists producing songs loosely based on Star Wars. Please please please enjoy this track and then listen to the rest of that album.

Until next week,