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Big Grams – Lights On

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

No doubt about it, one of the most exciting new projects this year is Big Grams (aside from EL VY), which is a super group of sorts combining Big Boi of Outkast fame and the electro-indie duo, Phantogram. There are the two standout tracks and are most likely going to be their singles that they’ll promote for the foreseeable future, the song above and their first single “Fell in the Sun.” Another fun tid-bit is they will be making their live debut at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, and lucky you, there are still tickets available here!!! So, here’s why you need to drag your butt to SF to see this mashup of indie and pop-rap. If you’ve seen Phantogram live, you probably would venture to say that they tear the house right down. Adding a rapper made famous by songs regarding Polaroids, the smell of farts, and apologizing to the grandmother of your illegitimate baby can only enhance the overall performance factor on all levels!

Giving their new EP a first listen, there definitely is a cohesiveness to it, yet every song sounds so different. Each track has a great balance between the two sounds that the Phantogram and Big Boi bring to the table. It’s absolutely fascinating that something like this has come to be and the only other project that I could say is every bit as much surreal is Run The Jewels’Meow The Jewels” project (listen to that right meow!). So, if you’re down for the sound you’ve become familiar with on previous Phantogram releases, but want a little more edginess, this is your lucky day!



Lecrae – Nuthin

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

SHOTS FIRED! Okay, so full disclosure, I don’t keep up with hip hop at all, so when I heard that songs like this exist, I was baffled. I’m familiar with the genre of Christian Rap, but to tell me this song falls under that umbrella without listening to the lyrics, I would call you crazy (or Lecrae-crae). Lecrae draws elements from some heavy hitters and no doubt steps on some toes in the process. His message in this song is simple, we’re better than this. We can do better than the garbage we are producing, we can do better than boasting about our money, cars, and women, we can do better than just seeking worldly pleasures. Lecrae chooses to talk about things that matter while pointing the finger at the rap industry and how they choose to talk about “Nuthin.”  Enjoy and aim higher!

Knox Hamilton – Work It Out

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

“I know, I know…” I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get back and post on here. What better day to get back to posting than my 2 year anniversary of this blog, though. So let’s get into a song we have all heard a little of but probably not the whole thing. This little number is a freaking gem by an outfit called Knox Hamilton. The chimes will haunt you and ring in your mind all day as you hum your neighbors into insanity. Choppy distorted guitars and sustained synth also make this an extremely dreamy track and they totally nail it on this one. You also have to get behind a band that is personal with its fans. They have personally responded to just about every comment on this video. Cool bros, cool song, what else could you want.