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In The Valley Below – Peaches

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Man, I’ve been off here for a while. To make it up to you, I have a great band to whet your whistle. These guys are a catchy and hail from Echo Park, thus their sound is totally fitting of the SoCal lifestyle. Give this track a single listen and you will sure to be singing, whistling, tapping, etc. People will probably wonder why you are singing about sweet peaches, but that is because they are too passé to understand good music! Take this to your next beach party with a blanket and at basket full of peaches; you bet that will get the mood right.

Tycho – Coastal Break

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Umm….are you listening to this. Is it not the chillest thing you have ever heard? I thought so. Like you just picture an infinite coastline to the left and right while you are in ankle deep in the ocean. Or better yet you are driving into the night with the one you love with your hearts beating to the tempo of the music. Scott Hensen is the mastermind behind Tycho and if you check out his album, there will be much more of this. He also has the best online shop that I’ve seen for every musician ( complete with vinyl, artsy tees, and lithos. Pretty sweet stuff. Now put some nice headphones on and enjoy the Coastal Break.

Dent May – Best Friend

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Dreamy, swoopy, retro, and chill. All things that describe Dent May’s single from their upcoming release Do Things (June 12th on Paw Tracks). Like the Friends track, this is the ideal song to sing to with your bff while you are driving on the coast. I don’t know if the rest of the songs will be like this on their new LP but if they are as good, you can guarantee this Southern gentleman will be on everyone’s radars!