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LRDC This Week New Music Playlist 6/28/16

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Let’s get this kicked off with some new Calvin Harris and while I’ll be first to jump on the sell out train of EDM, this track includes Dizzee Rascal and it’s undeniable that this grime artist is something very unique. He transforms this track from another “whatever bro” club banger to something that is worthy to bump in even the most eclectic of speakers. The next song is an interesting mashup of genres, featuring Paul Banks of Interpol and RZA from Wu Tang Clan, they are called Banks and Steelz and it bangs. The contrast is so striking that it just works, not sure why…

Keeping with the rap and r&b, we have a song a bit later from an artist named Khalid (not to be confused with “another one”). This song starts out rough, but smooths out in a very nice way. His voice almost sounds like Bastille to me for some reason. It is just a solid track. Next up is jiving track from Ontario producer Andrew Hunt under the cryptic name FTRSL with some help of two other bands/artists named OwlsBears. Sure it’s kind of pop-y, but that’s definitely a plus, it’s smooth and so much fun.

Wrapping up the list we have a song from Los Angeles songstress White Sea. Her song “Ellipses” swells with so much intensity and it is absolutely beautiful! I liken her to a soprano version of Zola Jesus and I’m very much down. And now finishing off on a high note is a effervescent track from an artist named Xan Young. His music is a bit less enigmatic than all the cool images on Facebook, and I am a fan of that. It’s playful and great to have on in the background or just jam out to!

I hope you all have a great week,



LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 1/12/16

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

So after a slow week of track releases last week, we’ve come back in full force this week. I have so much new music for you, I can’t even contain it. This week, I’ve actually decided to switch up the style of how I post as well go through a track by track analysis of each song on the playlist. Feel free to let me know how you feel about this. Here it goes.

RJD2 – “Piece of What” ft. Jordan BrownRJD2 is an act I truly regret not following more after hearing this track. He hits hard with a genre bending romp through dozens of instrumental textures that is a bit of the blues, jazz, and some hip hop. It’s refreshing to hear an electric track that produced in a way that really respects music and isn’t just orchestrated to build up to the next, bigger drop. This, coupled with Jordan Brown’s soulful pipes, makes for a song that is not sounds like it could have been produced in just about any decade between the 1950’s and today.

Islandis – “Home” – Not necessarily a new track, but most likely new to you. This chill-wave song by the Sydney Indie duo Islandis is elevator-music smooth, but has some great poppy hooks much like Penguin Prison, a favorite of mine. I’m eagerly awaiting new music from these guys and with a single such as this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started popping on a college radio station in a town near you.

David Bowie – “Lazarus” – This week has been truly devoted to all things Bowie and remembering all of the ways he has touched us and the world of music as a whole. This song in particular is quite a gripping one as it was obviously written with Bowie’s own mortality in mind. A gifted artist and truly a legend, you will be missed. My prayers go out to your family and rest in peace, my brother!

Prinze George – “Speed Demon” ft. ESHOVO – DC Metro Natives (from Prince George County) Prinze George have teamed up with DC rapper ESHOVO to create a truly gorgeous song. “Speed Demon” breaks through to tell you to truly live in the moment, enjoy your surroundings, and notice the people around you. A message we can’t hear enough if you ask me. This song is actually so much larger than what it is on the surface, merely a smooth jam to listen to as you study. It’s serves as a reminder and even a tool to “slow it down”.

Holy Esque – “Tear” – It’s pretty hard to imagine a band that captures more of a rawness in such a beautiful package than Holy Esque. Producing an entrancing soundscape and mismatching it with vocals that seem the product of three packs a day really is quite an amazing thing to listen to. I liken these guys to a bit more cerebral and musical King Krule (but both are great, obviously, especially given the latter’s adolescence).

Pinkshinyultrablast – “The Cherry Pit” – And the Grammy goes to the artist with the coolest fricking name: Pinkshinyultrablast! This Russian four piece truly nails the dream pop genre with thunderous, fuzzy riffs and airy vocals. Seeing as these guys have been around since 2007, it’s clear they have worked out the kinks and it’s no surprise that their sound is so honed and mature. Do yourself a favor and put them on your radar.

Yeasayer – “I Am Chemistry” – You know what I say to Yeasayer? I say YEA!!!! This song took me by surprise because it’s not really like any of their previous stuff. It’s not that it’s watered down so much as it is just more approachable for the casual listener than say “Ambling Alp.” This song has a ton going on, which is your biggest sign that it’s Yeasayer with a full choral breakdown in the latter half and a synth solo. It’s fun and dynamic and I love it.

Birdy – “Keeping Your Head Up” – This girl Birdy has an amazing quality, she can channel her inner Florence Welch and completely tear the house down. This song soars and it was pretty much fate that it was released on New Years Day this year. What better song could send you into the best year of your life.

dvsn – “Hallucinations” – This song is best enjoyed with a nice set of headphones or some great speakers. I can tell you I missed a lot before really getting intimate with this track. The beat in the back is so playful and it plays very nicely with falsetto vocals that are smooth as butter.

Wild Nothing – Reichpop – We get another new track off of Wild Nothing’s upcoming LP and it’s truly something to marvel over. The marimba to open out the first part of the track launches into playful “Wild Nothing-esque” guitar riffs, and it’s totally perfect. The vocals totally take the back seat to the orchestration of the song, and I like that. Jack Tatum is not normally known for his commanding voice and this song affords the opportunity to get swept up in the music.

Brazilian Girls – The Critic – This sound reminds me so much of STRFKR. In my mind, this is pretty much the highest complement I can pay to a band. This little romp of a song is BRAND NEW from this international group that has been categorized as reggae, electronica, jazz and most strikingly, bossa nova. Everything about this track is just so much fun including the 60’s surf rock shred to end it out.

Bear Mountain – Badu – Another fun track, this Canadian solo act (Ian Bevis) also likes to cross genre lines with brass and loads of drums. This guy truly needs to go places, the world needs to hear his music! His covers are also worth the price of admission and are reminiscent of Tycho (ISO50). Take note, world, Bear Mountain is coming!

St. Lucia – “Love Somebody” – Come one everyone…snap along…it’s okay. St. Lucia will serenade you with dancing synth and give you the perfect to send over to the love of your life. Or you can cry yourself to sleep because you’ve been single for years…either or though really. Just rest assured, frontman Jean-Philip Grobler and crew will certainly light a fire under your ass as they demand “go find somebody to love”.

Porches – “Be Apart” – The 80’s are in full swing, guys. From St. Lucia to Porches, can you tell that synth is king? The sounds we are hearing from the electro-pop genre are some of the easiest tracks to put in heavy rotation, though. There is something to be said about making a powerful song that sticks with you and really strikes a chord. Making a sophomore appearance to our list, I look forward to sharing more Porches tracks with you in the future!

Wet – “All the Ways” – Closing out strong guys, this song will really leave you in a good place. You won’t be wet…unless you’re walking in the rain…but this song is about as infectious as any song that we saw in the late-1990’s and early-2000’s from the boy & girl band craze. It’s not a surprise they were able to secure some tour dates with the royal hitmakers, CHVRCHES. I am excited to get these guys on this list and can’t wait to get into their other tracks.

Thanks y’all for hanging in there till the end! Have a great week,