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LRDC This Week New Music Playlist – 5/10/16

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Warning: I did not put Radiohead on this playlist. Read into this as much or as little as you like.

Hey there, we have some great chill, electro-indie songs for you this week! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because last week, we were bestowed some great new music from Los Angeleno outfit Local Natives. A very important band to me with local ties, they return after 3 years of silence with a song called “Past Lives” that very much reminds us why we fell in love with them in the first place. This song is so emotive and authentic and I fell in love. While it is a great song, I feel like there is sooooo much more to expect from these guys and this is simply a teaser for more greatness on their forthcoming third release.

Going to a song called “Iris” by Detroit natives Valley Hush, it starts very quiet with some Caribbean drums to set the mood right and then explodes into a beautiful soundscape of percussion and synth barraging you from every angle. I love it! Next song I’ll feature is from an old timer here on LRDC called Com Truise. Somehow an EP he released snuck past me and I’ve chose the final track from that to put on our list. Every time I catch a new track from this guy, I feel like jumping on a light cycle and hitting “the grid” and this song screams, “du Zirconia,” screams that more than ever! One song down from this is a beautiful track from Mexico’s Coma Pony that is 100% chill and aptly described by their Facebook page as “lovely.”

Okay, now let’s get weird…well, not that weird by PC Music’s standards, but this prog-y track from Danny L Harle is especially killer because he’s borrowed the wonderful vocals from Caroline Polachek of Chairlift. This song will no doubt be in heavy rotation for me this week.

Finishing out strong we have two great songs and the first is from an indie act by the name of Bantug and is set to invade my ear drums for weeks to come. This song, “Wine Beeline,” is just so catchy and it’s all-in-all a really airy and refreshing song. And last is a song off of Roosevelt’s new album that, from the sound of the rest of the singles, is going to slay your eardrums with groovy, baby making music.





LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 2/16/16

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Good evening peeps!

I’m going to keep this short for you guys, but please don’t see that as a reflection of the quality of this amazing amalgam of new music.

Starting off the list, we have a chill jam from an outfit named exmagician out of Belfast! They will kick off a full blown Electronic onslaught of new music from heavy hitters, UnderworldCom TruiseThe Big PinkBeshken ft Gus Dapperton. If this block doesn’t get you going, perhaps some chill wave from indie rockers HEARTWATCH & Space Above will do it for you. These two bands from San Francisco & New Zealand respectfully are really beginning to buzz and the former has a new record out in just 10 days!

Coming in with two of my favorite songs on the list, we have a track from Phillipi & Rodrigo called “Gueto de Gent.” To be honest, I have no idea what they’re saying, but this song is just so danceable! The next band I heard a couple days ago and fell in love instantly. When I heard this remix of Ibeyi’s “Stranger/Lover”, there was no going back, I had been changed. It’s absolutely entrancing and the vocals of these twin sisters play perfect with the subtle changes made in this version.

Onto some indie jams, we have some tracks from Gallant ft Jhene Aiko, LRDC favorites-Thao & the Get Down Stay DownWild Nothing (new album this week!!!), The Thermals, and Rogue Wave. Going back really quick, am I the only one who thinks The Thermals’ lead singer sounds like John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats? I can’t be the only one. They’re both so unique that it seems odd to think that they are not just the same person, but indeed they are not.

If you’ve followed along on these lists, you know I like to end on a high note, and boy is this week’s end HIGH! Ride the “Cerulean” wave with Living’s new song. Not much material by these guys, but you best believe, I’ll be keeping them on my radar.

Enjoy your week and all your beautiful new music!


Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Saint Pepsi, an appropriate name for someone producing crisp, refreshing, funky, pop music. Many genres have been thrown around by Ryan DeRobertis to describe the sound that he has been producing for a couple years now. These include “vaporwave,” “disco pop,” “liquid disco,” and my favorite, “gibber boogie.” Okay, so the last one doesn’t really fit this song, but it’s his words, not mine. I liken his style to what we are used to hearing from Capital Cities (Trumpets, synth leads, etc.) and Com Truise. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, especially considering the success all of them have seen this past year.

Check out some of Saint Pepsi’s older stuff here as well. Apparently he has just started doing his own singing on his tracks (that’s him on the above song), but his past work is every bit as funky! Enjoy

Com Truise – Brokendate

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Never have I been so enamored by electronic music until I heard Com Truise. So original yet so familiar; to me he is the Johann Sebastian Bach of the electronic world. Okay, okay, it’s not that good, but it’s damn catchy and all of his tracks stand out from the next which is very hard to come by with electro producers now-a-days. I have heard this song a couple times on the radio and you better believe I crank it up to 11. Follow the funk that is Com Truise as he attempts to melt your circuits.