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LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 12/1/15

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Holy holidays! Time escaped me and I totally blanked on a new music playlist last week. I hope you all will forgive me!

As I try to earn you back, it sure helps that I have some KILLER tracks this week! The first comes from French producers Basic Tape and his new track “Not Afraid” is a synth-laden banger to really amp you up when you’re planning on getting a bit ratch. This optimistic piece of work will have you snapping your fingers all night and day. It’s songs like this where you almost feel drunk when you’re listening to them because it’s just so dancable…even though you’re white and sober when listening. Keeping with the good vibes, we have a band named PREP, a UK outfit that has been known to link up with with UK duo, Snakehips, so it’s good to see they surround themselves with the right people. The track I’ve included is entitled “Sunburnt Through the Glass” and is a light, airy romp that gets you in the mood faster than a low-cut dress. I like that the genre is a bit difficult to define of this, it’s a little bit Phoenix but with an R&B and 2-step twist to it. I dig it.

Let’s move on to feature a band who I’ve recently grown VERY fond of. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is not only rings as a personal manifesto of mine, it is the name of a fuzzy outfit that has been around for long enough to know exactly what they are doing. This track, “Hell” is just plain fun, which goes to show that if you do it right, you can tell someone they’re going to hell in a super cheery and cheeky manner.

Now, we all have that band that it’s just been impossible for us to see, our “white whale” of sorts. Maybe not because they never tour, but just timing, money, having someone to go with, death in the family, etc. is not right! For me, that band is Geographer with many attempts made to see them, all of them have been pushed off or thwarted. Their music is incredibly chill and the song that I’ve featured, “Ready 2 Wear”, follows suit. Beautiful textures layer behind a simple riff with soft and sensual vocals. Man crush? Perhaps…even as I’m writing this, the photo on their Spotify has one of their members staring longingly into my eyes. So, I guess so.

Welcome to the end of 2015 where we finally hear a peep from one of my personal favorites, Wild Nothing. After I found their 2012 release, “Nocturne”, I was hooked. Reception for this album was pretty darn positive if I recall and rightfully so. Their next album (EP) “Empty Estate” kind of fell upon deaf ears other than their single “A Dancing Shell.” I sure hope this release does not go unnoticed like the aforementioned release. I’d like to say that I’m pretty in tune with releases from bands that I like, but even I missed the first single from their Feb ’16 release. I’ve included the second single, “TV Queen,” on the list this week and it seems like they’ve stuck to what we’ve been used to if not gone just a bit heavier than we’ve seen from them previously. It’s a bit darker, a bit more ominous and has a rawness similar to Surfer Blood, and if you know me, you know I freaking love that band!

Honorable Mentions for this week:

Tone of Arc – “Practical Particles” – This track starts off super bluesy with a distant guitar riff and then turns into something you’d find on the soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country. It’s absolutely SICK! I can’t remember where I heard this track, but it’s definitely on my heavy rotation for the upcoming weeks.

Animal Collective – “FloriDada” – The trip-tastic group is back, and they’re as weird as ever. Just when I thought they had settled down after a relatively approachable “Centepede Hz,” they turn around and make this track. Don’t get me wrong…I actually love this song and it fits so well in AnCo’s catalog. The “hahahahaha Wipeout” is absolutely prime too! I’m excited to hear more from their upcoming record.

Foreign Air – “Free Animal” – I’m loving this track. For some reason it’s hitting me like the first time I heard The Neighbourhood, and it has a similar intensity and darkness that I love about Chino Moreno’s project, Crosses. This song is much easier to enjoy than the latter and is not thaaat dark, so I’m excited to see what’s next for these guys!


LRDC #THIS Week 10/6 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

For this week’s installment of LRDC becomes even more eclectic, I’ve thrown in some curve balls for your listening enjoyment. The first standout track is one from the most buzzed about black metal band in the past 20 years, Deafheaven. I would call this band the 2010’s Converge as they have proven to be very innovative within the umbrella of “heavy metal.” The track I’ve included, “Brought to the Water,” falls under that category as heavy music with a bit of something extra. As the band has stated several influences in the shoegaze genre, they have been put under the genre of Blackgaze by Wikipedia, and I can definitely agree with that definition. To be honest, it’s taken me a couple listens of their freshly released album “New Bermuda” to get into it, and that is saying a ton as I was a proponent to the metal scene in my earlier years, so give it the time it deserves and I’m sure you will grow to love it.

Another interesting track included this week is one by Massachusetts post-rockers Caspian. Their track “Arcs of Command” is a long one (like the previously mentioned song), clocking in at just under 9 minutes. Want to know why the song is so long? They take two and a half whole minutes to get up to 60% volume. But believe me, the wait is oh so worth it. This song swells into something that is just so aurally pleasing on so many levels. With the melodic lead guitar and the slow, driving drums in the first half, it almost lulls you to sleep. Not for long of course, because it turns into a turbulent ride through waves of different sounds and well-calculated instrumentals. This one may take some time to fully grasp its depth.

A not so strange sound to our weekly lists is the very “Neon Indian-esque” Mirror Kisses/George Clanton with “Never Late Again”. On his just-released album “100% Electronica” he pumps his vaporwave stylo and pushes it beyond that straight into space. Knocking you further into the great unknown is another new track from Chromatics called “Shadow.” We’ve all been patiently waiting for their new full-length, which was due out in February, but I guess that’s just the nature of the art. What Chromatics does so well is creating so much out of so little, with whisper-like vocals and simple beats/synth, it’s music you find you are just always in the mood for. Also, this song just reminds me of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” and who doesn’t love The Beatles?

While you’re in that mood of exploring space and the wonderment of the unknown, let’s go back in time to the 80s. This resurgence of 80s themes in electro-indie tracks is warmly welcomed by me and I’ve featured two such bands who have knocked it out of the park in capturing this nostalgia and bringing it into the 22nd century! Maserati’s has a unique way of blending rock with space-like sounds into songs that belong on the final round of a video game, and “Rehumanizer II” is our first peep from them since their 2012 release. While Maserati has the full band space-rock sound, Pittsburgh duo Zombi does it with just synthesizers, bass, and drums. Their new song “Mission Creep” also would be at home in a video game, perhaps a boss level on Megaman. You can hear influences of the 60s, 70s, and 80s in these guys sound, but there is something new and refreshing to this track that makes me excited to see what they have next for us. Good thing we only have to wait until 10/16 for their next release, “Shape Shift,” to come out.

Here are this week’s honorable mentions:

Shigeto – “Do My Thing” – I really have been digging this less-is-more thing and Shigeto has the ambient techno boxes ticked. I’ve learned recently that this solo act (Zachary Shigeto Saginaw) was also a touring drummer for School of Seven Bells (RIP) who are a very prized favorite of mine.

Escondido – “Heart is Black” – I’m sure this duo was featured in their high school yearbooks as the two people who would most likely be a part of a Fleetwood Mac cover band. Not only do they have the look, but they have the sound. Their country-rock sound spans a ton of other genres and even decades of music, and this is certainly a standout track within the indie scene.

BØRNS – “Fool” – Your dancehall track of the year is here, it’s right here! I love the funky vibes this band has been putting out as of late. The funny thing is so is every music outlet and radio station, so jump on these guys before they’re too cool to be “cool.”

Band of Horses ft. Excision – “The Funeral” – Why? Because why not. I love Band of Horses and if “new music” comes in the form of a subtly “dubbed-up” version of a song I know and love? I ain’t mad.