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LRDC This Week New Music Playlist – 7/26/16

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Kicking off this week, we have a brand new track from Chairlift who just released a new album less than 8 months ago. They certainly aren’t wasting any time and the song is totally solid. It’s a bit slower than the past singles we have heard from them and has a bit of a fantasy vibe to it. Following this up is new music from Dent May. Everyone’s favorite Mississippian is back and as fun as ever! This song, “Face Down in the Gutter of Your Love” dances around in the squalor that is “love” and it’s quite cheeky.

Going ahead, we have the first track to be released from Kishi Bashi’s undoubtedly amazing new album. If you’re not familiar with this multi-instrumentalist, it’s about time you do some catching up (see “It All Began With a Burst” & “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It”). Once you do so, you will realize this guy is something special and so different from any other artist out there.

I’ve added a track that gets a bit deeper into Sofi Tukker’s repertoire and it is so dang fun (just like all of their songs). You may have heard “Drinkee” all over the freaking place, and dug it, well this one is just as catchy and it’s even in English, for all of us non-Portuguese speakers!

Towards the end, we have a track that is not new, it’s just straight out of the 80’s! It’s called A.H.B. and is from a band out of Austin, TX called S U R V I V E. It’s pure synth goodness and is super catchy. And last up, we have the debut track from a duo called The Linedots. They’re super new (a solid group of 46 people like them on Facebook at the time of this post) but not from the sounds of this track. It’s got some killer riffs that remind me a bit of Ratatat in all of the best ways and the fuzzy vocals from Evangeline Ling has a solid Lily Allen vibe.



Young Empires – Mercy

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Scanning through some of the songs that I’ve posted about, or listening to the tracks on my playlists, you can quickly gather that I like bands that skirt the line between multiple genres. Defying labels is something that I strive for, and I look for that in the music that I listen to. The best part of being more difficult to label is it is open to interpretation of the individual, so whichever individual classified the Canadian trio, Young Empires, as “baroque pop” in Wikipedia needs a medal for thinking outside the freaking box! With an affinity for full soundscapes, Young Empires sure can tick a ton of genre boxes with an alt-rock sound that is HUGE and a ton of electric music influences, yet they are pretty well unknown in the alt-rock & electronic world (under 5000 YouTube plays on a song of this caliber is quite low). Full is a great word to describe “Mercy,” their eventual breakout track! Now is your chance to jump on a band that is not going to sneak under the radar for much longer; it’s only a matter of time. For fans of AWOLNATION, InnerPartySystem, or Savoir Adore, you will take to these guys immediately. Give them a quick listen and don’t be afraid to bob your head at your desk a bit, we’re all doing it.



Savoir Adore – Dreamers

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Okay, so the video is a little out there…but think about it…so is the song! A little dreamy, a little choppy, a little prog-y…but SO freaking catchy. So catchy in fact, you might find yourself donning paint and a festive masquerade mask the next time you hear this song out of sheer necessity. This band seems to be quite a lot of fun and now that they have broken out of the New York City Indie scene, they are ready to break into your heart…just go with it, guys!