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LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 2/9/16

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Holy God, do I have some great music for you this week! The first one shouldn’t be much of a surprise to you if you have been following along the last couple weeks. It comes from School of Seven Bells and is the third single we’ve heard from their upcoming release. This one is very much what we are used to hearing from them on past releases. Layers of synth and reverberated vocals and a driving beat set your heart “Ablaze.” Keeping with the indie synth-pop, we have another BANGER from Echos. This jam goes from 0 to 100 so quick, you barely have time to catch your breath. It hits harder than an MMA fighter’s right hook all the way up till the end; I’m absolutely entranced by it.

Next, we have some smooth jams coming from Toronto group named Laser that is comprised of Broken Social Scene member Lisa Lobsinger and two other Toronto artists, Paul Pfisterer & Martin Davis. This track is off their most recent release from the end of last month. This brings us to another track off of the lovely group, Field Music, who also have a release out from the end of last week. Their sound is just so unique, with a bit of Bowie, Queen and Elton John there is plenty to love!

London indie rockers, Escapists, have a new track out entitled “Pyramid Scheme” that is killing it. Give it a listen and you can see how playful it is. Gotta love that tambourine! And more tambourine now coming from Mass Gothic who is lead by the former frontman of Hooray for Earth and signed with Sub Pop to release a wonderful full length last Friday. This second single, “Every Night You’ve Got to Save Me”, reminds me of Grouplove and this fun, upbeat vibe will surely treat them well. I’m 99% sure this song will be on a toothpaste commercial in a week…coming to a TV near you, move over Matt & Kim.

Going back to another band from Toronto, we have a new track from Operators off of their upcoming release “Blue Wave.” It’s very catchy and is totally radio ready with a solid replay value. I’m 99% sure it will be featured in a toothpaste commercial next week…move over Matt & Kim.

Everyone’s favorite psych-pop foursome, Animal Collective, is back with another strong track, the second single of their upcoming LP. Granted, this didn’t hit me as hard as Floridada did, but I cannot deny that the didgeridoo one of the coolest noises I’ve ever heard in a song like this. Taking it down a notch is the endearing vocals of Frankie Cosmos. I’d like to think her and Courtney Barnett just get together and jam together and write super personal and specific songs that are weirdly relatable.

Now, let’s get this party dancing. We have another new track from Autograf out of Chicago, with help from Patrick Baker. This track is way fun and has much more to it than a club banger. It has multiple movements and just sounds very special and well produced much like what we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing from Disclosure. I have to say, I got on the Holy Ghost! train a little too late for my liking. At least they are still going strong with making funky, electro jams that cut right to your head and don’t ever leave. Their new track “Crime Cutz” is the first fully new material we have heard from them since 2014 and I’m so very excited for a new LP from these guys! NY Producer, James Hinton, goes by The Range on the stage and really nails the bulls eye from what I have heard. Touring with Baio, he’ll be in good company to launch a successful career. “Florida” is a crunchy and jittery roller coaster ride from the ocean and up into space. The textures he integrates are space age and also tropical. It’s a fun one.

This week’s most interesting band names obviously goes to Cavern of Anti-Matter. With a bit of bossa nova and shoegaze, “liquid gate” is a super quick romp (2 full minutes) from Stereolab’s Tim Gane & Joe Dilworth and a man by the name of Holger Zapf, then this track features Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox. Garage rock has never been the same since Parquet Courts (Parkay Quartz?…or whatever they are now). These guys are the chillest chillers and they have a sound that is straight off of the 4-track. They just get those fuzzy vibes and from what I’ve heard, it translates REALLY well into their live show. I’m excited for another release from these guys (Their 6th in 4 years!!). Keeping your buzz going, we have a song from New York’s Porches. Fresh off the release of his newest album (this is the title track), Porches is poised for success and he earned the coveted “BEST NEW MUSIC” from the almighty Pitchfork. This kid is killing it.

Well, that wraps up this week in new music! Enjoy and let me know what you think.


LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist – 1/19/16

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Welcome to this week’s installment of our New Music Playlist. Boy do we have some treats for you with some of the freshest 2016 tracks from the most exciting emerging acts and established indie artists. Let’s kick it of with a surfy, smooth jam.

Plastic Flowers – “Lucy” – Greek (Now UK based) dream-pop outfit, Plastic Flowers has been releasing music fuzzy dream-pop (think The Radio Dept.) pretty much non-stop since 2011. His most recent offering came last December in the form of a 5 song EP. This is the opening track (of that EP) and I think it’s a perfect track to open up this week’s list. This guy is killing it, especially since it’s unlikely English is his first language.

Keys N Krates ft. Ouici – “Love Again” – For a stint of my life, I got really big into the EDM scene and I’m disappointed to say I’ve never heard of KNK. But I can say with absolute certainty, they will not soon be forgotten by me or anyone else. This song “Love Again” hit’s soooo hard, it’s pretty much impossible to not see it be the next “Lean On” or the like. The only thing I don’t like about it is it clocks in below three minutes. Hopefully the hip hop world will pick this one up and add their own spin on it as the beat is pretty much the sickest thing I’ve heard this year so far.

Mansionair – “Second Night” – In a world where The Weeknd is taking over with his sick R&B beats and falsetto, we have to imagine that more than one man can rule this territory. If anyone else can come in, three piece Mansionair are the men to go to. This group has a softness and intensity that turns any of their songs into the best love songs you’ve heard in a while. Now the second song I’ve featured on LRDC, these guys are most likely going to show up a couple more times if they continue on to kill it.

Manila Killa ft. Joni Fatora – “All That’s Left” – Blurring the line between mainstream EDM and deep house and throwing in some smooth jazzy keys with Skrillex-esque synth samples. This track is just the shizz and I can’t get enough of it.

Gosh Pith – “K9” – HEAVY HITTAZ. Detroit duo, Gosh Pith have put together this raucously smooth track (yeah, that doesn’t make sense…until you listen to it). There is a ton going on in this track from the dub-breakbeat 808s & hi-hats to the soulful vox making this about as unique as the group’s name. I’d love to get deeper into their libraries of influences, because it’s evident that they’re drawing from multiple sources to create this sick track.

Princess Century – “Domestic” – How can a song named domestic sound so foreign? It’s a trick question since this solo act is out of Canada, but it almost sounded like a remastered Kraftwerk b-side. Princess Century is the name Maya Postepski has chosen for her synth-heavy side project from the Canadian synthpop group, Austra. Despite clocking in at just under 8 minutes, this track keeps you locked in the full time. A great track to drive the Autobahn with or just focus on whatever project you have at hand. Solid showing from this killer electronic powerhouse of a woman.

Teen Daze – “Célébrer” – This goes to show, Canada can hold their own as a major contributor to the indie electronic scene. Teen Daze being another prime example of this. This funkadelic dance mix will give is the perfect song “to celebrate” to. It’s great fun and you cannot deny how infectious it is.

Brothertiger – “Beyond the Infinate” – Brooklyn solo project Brothertiger is the outlet for a man known as John J. to share his passion for electronic art in the form of music. The track I’ve selected is the opening to his most recent LP “Out of Touch” and is a glorious synth-pop anthem. This kid reminds me so much of one of my favorites of the genre, Skyler Spence, but it turns out Brothertiger may have been producing music a bit longer, with tracks dating back to 2011. Also, with a new song out this week called “Like Water” you may very well see John J. on another upcoming list!

School of Seven Bells – “On My Heart” – Basically if a SVIIB song comes out, you better believe it will be on this list! This one dropped this weekend and it feels so good to get another peek at this upcoming (and last) LP. Aside from Alejandra Deheza’s trademark vocals, this song resembles much of the music we’ve been loving from CHVRCHES with some great synth samples and a driving beat. KEEP IT COMING ALEJANDRA!

Courtney Barnett – “Three Packs A Day” – What I said above also applies to CB. With her authentic (and sometimes self deprecating) lyrics and simple chords that makes for great coffee shop music, she pretty much can do no wrong in my eyes! This track dropped out of no where for me, as her last LP is still in heavy rotation for me and still sounding very fresh. Also, just wanted to say that it sounds like she is enjoying some mid-90’s 3EB by the sound of the intro riff of this new song. I just love it!

Quilt – “Roller” – Hearkening back to psychedelic rock of the 1960’s, Quilt has a way of taking you back to an era that even they weren’t alive during. They have elements of greats like The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Monkees. They’ll capture your heart from the first dancing bass line.

Highs – “I Do, Do You?” – Another Canadian act, Highs is a quirky indie-pop foursome full of choppy guitar riffs and gang vocals. Their sound reminds me a bit of Local Natives with female vocals, and if you know me at all, you know that that’s the highest possible complement I could give a band.

Savages – “Adore” – I can’t lie, I’ve heard this song about 10 times today either on satellite radio, on this playlist, or live on KCRW. These guys are really getting a ton of recognition on their singles prior to their full length “Adore Life” coming out. It sounds a little counter-intuitive, but this song is so much louder than it actually is. It’s very intense, yet a bit muted. The vocals swell in and out along with the choppy, reverbed guitars. As I found out today and you can probably imagine, this song is much louder when performed live and it sounds amazing.

Choir of Young Believers – “Perfect Estocada” – I wanted to feature this Copenhagen group again because I think they’re truly making unique music that breaks away from the typical indie stereotype. Granted, they should be considered under that umbrella, but they also blend so many different styles of music to sound very worldly. Ample drums, vocal reverberation, and Spanish guitars…you’d think it would sound familiar, but I really can’t say I’ve heard anything like this.

Lushlife ft. CSLSX & Killer Mike – “The Ecstatic Cult” – I saw that there is another collab between CSLSX & Lushlife and after that last track a couple weeks ago, I was hooked on these guys together. Throw Killer Mike in the mix who has been absolutely slaying the scene with Run The Jewels. This song has a great cohesiveness to it despite all the different elements coming together. Soft synth textures play off a playful, bouncy beat and provide the perfect background for smooth flow from the two rappers. Top work.

Had to end on a high note. I hope you enjoy this week’s list.


LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 11/17

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

This week is such a treat for you and you don’t even know it yet, but you’re about to! We have some BIG returns from some bands we haven’t heard from in a minute. The first and most important is going to School of Seven Bells with new music coming from one half of their band, Alejandra Deheza. After losing Benjamin Curtis, her good friend and bandmate to lymphoma, it’s hard to deny that this music that will be released going forward means a ton to Alejandra and the fans (including me). Getting to the track, it’s exactly what you would expect from SVIIB and while their music is often emotional, this is will really tug at your heartstrings and “you’ll fall in love again.”

Okay, pull yourself back together, I’m so sorry to start you off on such a down note! Let’s steer from the sad and focus on the hopeful, and this will come in the form of a new track from The Big Pink called “Hightimes.” This is the first new music we’ve seen from the English duo since 2012 and I’m absolutely stoked. The first song I heard from them is a banger, and while this doesn’t hit quite as hard, it’s freaking beautiful and I love it.

I’ve been prone to man crushes and oftentimes they aren’t even based on looks. Oftentimes they are based on the amazing thing that I’m hearing the man produce. One such example of this is Rostam Batmanglij (I know, winner of the sickest name ever, right), and his several projects. Some you may have heard of, like Vampire FREAKING Weekend and a personal favorite of mine, Discovery. He has teamed up with Ra Ra Riot (like he did for Discovery with Wes Miles) to make a silky smooth track called “Water.” I’m also fully aware that I always feature some sort of track that has to do with water, but maybe this is what makes them amazing, you ever think of that? Excited to hear from both of the contributing parties to this song as this may be the closest I’ll get to Discovery for a while.

Honorable mentions are as follows:

Givers – “Bermuda” – This band is it, they have such a dialed in sound with a great mix of synth, unique percussion, all with a traditional rock band set up. Looks like this is their first new music since 2011 and as I’m finding them just now, I have to say “it’s about damn time.” I would really love to see them perform their stuff live.

Bibio – “Petals” – Bibio has now made it back to the list. I actually had to into the wayback machine to see that I had actually posted on them in ’14. The same sentiment I have for him still stands, the music this man produces I can only compare to a beautiful painting full of texture and color.

Classixx ft. T-Pain – ” Whatever I Want” – Chill, islandy synth with the auto-tune king himself on the track? I’d call it a winning combo AND Classixx is from Los Angeles, so good ish all around! This one is going to be in my rotation for a LONG time.

Missy Elliot ft. Pharrell Williams – “WTF (Where They From)” – New freaking music from Missy??? She’s still got it!

Enjoy, party people!

LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 11/3

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Okay guys, if you see the first track, and you’re familiar with that band, you know that that song is not exactly new. School of Seven has not put out new music since a tragic death in the band of one of the two members. The last music we saw from them is the song above, but why I include this is because the remaining member, Alejandra Deheza, has committed to releasing the last new music that her and her bandmate recorded together. A great time to be alive indeed and a great time to have reverence for those we lost too young!

Hearing new music from a band that people (and time) have forgotten but you have remembered is always a great feeling! It feels like only the true fans are left now and you can enjoy the music without hearing it on every radio station. This is how I feel with Miike Snow and hearing his new song “My Heart is Full.” This is not a sad attempt to stay relevant. This track shows a new side of Snow that almost sounds as if Kanye produced it. It’s a bit of a mini-masterpiece to me, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

Chillwave? Yeah, I’m into it. Kaptan? Yeah, I’m into it. I saw this track premiered on Buzznet and I couldn’t not put it on my list. I’m so predictable…so much so that I more than a couple tracks on this week’s list could be classified as chillwave, like Craft Spell’s “Our Park by Night” is a funky pitch-bending track that would be a great track to listen to in the pouring rain late at night. Perfect for a night like tonight in Los Angeles. Want a bit more glitch and two step with a little reggae thrown into your chillwave? You know I like to tick all the boxes! Feel free to shake your dreads to Coast Modern’s single “Hollow Life.” This is some of the most unique music I could see actually getting really popular. Only time will tell on that one.

Let’s put the spotlight on two bands that have four letters in their band names (one I’ve featured before and the other a newcomer to LRDC) that are destined for greatness. Of course I’m talking about GEMS and TOPS. Both of these bands can hold their own in the electo-indie realm and I love every single thing I have heard from them. “Soak,” from the former came out last week with a rather provocative video that fits the song perfectly. The latter band has a new single, “The Hollow Sound of Morning Chimes,” that exudes soft rock that you could find in the 70’s and maybe into the 80’s. This song is not your typical guitar-tripping (though those are tight), destined for corporate office elevator song. The song begs for you to interact with it, to feel it, to be in the moment; it’s ethereal. It’s a great feeling, and while the song is rather long, it ends a bit suddenly and seemingly too soon….just like this post.



Liars – #1 Against the Rush

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

This song is so beautiful. It’s so light and airy with nice, clean plucking throughout. The synth that comes in towards the middle is really fun and how it slips flat. This song is just so interesting so give it a couple listens and hear all the elements making it so ominous.