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LRDC #THIS Week 9/22 New Music Playlist

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

We interrupt your normally scheduled chillwave playlist to present you the danciest LRDC playlist yet! Whether you’re shaking your rump to our newest installment from Canadian rockers Stars, “A Simple Song,” or you’re literally letting it all loose new A-Trak music, a song called “We All Fall Down.” A sophomore to these lists, Kisses has another new song that absolutely blows my mind, called “The Nile.” With their neo-70’s disco, they will key their little synth straight into your heart…and honestly how can you not love their name and their twitter handle (@BlowKissess). Then we have another new song by the breakthrough act Slaptop called “Walls” that will make you want to create your own jungle tribal dance to. I guarantee if you to put this song on at a small gathering, someone will comment on it…it’s THAT good! If you want to kick off this weekend like Greased Lightening, channel your inner John Travolta (minus all the weird beliefs) with “MDR” from this sick Belgian solo act called Petite Noir. If you want to witness perfection when it comes to producing dancable electro-indie (IMO) take a little listen to “Nostalgia” by RAC & Doe Paoro.

Okay, okay! It’s not ALL dance music, because we have a great new song from the all-female Hinds (fka Deers) who have been killing the lo-fi garage game as of late. Not into that? Well, we have some glitchy orchestrals coming straight from New York trio Battles in “FF Bada.” There is something so familiar, yet so new and inviting (cue the staccato guitars) in this track and it will have you entertained for many listens over the next week! For those of you who are fans of the sounds of Surfer Blood but also have an affinity for female leads, look no farther than Moving Panoramas. Their song “One” focuses on linearity and simplicity without sacrificing an encapsulating sound that will leave you wanting more.

And our honorable mentions will begin now:

Beat Connection – “Illusion” – Just as their name would lead on, Beat Connection has the uncanny ability to create music that is best listened to with other people, either friends or a very special someone. Share this with your bestie or lover this week!

Aquilo – “Good Girl” – The title aside, I have a feeling that this song strikes the XX chromosomes to actually act like a “bad girl.” This sets the mood off right and would fit anywhere from a cocktail lounge to the bedroom.

Mansionair – “Speak Easy” – This outfit out of Sydney can cater to a ton of fans. I’m hearing some Snow Patrol, Coldplay, and even Enya in the chill sounds Mansionair has produced. Hipsters rejoice, though, they only have 14k likes on Facebook

Wild Belle – “Giving Up On You” – If you work with me (or date me…Megan), you definitely know I have a small crush on Natalie Bergman, who is one half of this brother-sister group. This band is intriguing in the fact that they meld indie-pop seamlessly with so many island influences. Whether it be in the percussion or the sounds in the background, it’s just so alluring to me and I hope you enjoy.

Have a great week,