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EL VY – Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

So, like me about 30 minutes ago, you probably haven’t heard of this band. That’s totally understandable as the members have kept the project under wraps for at least the past year. What this project is consisted of is one-fifth of The National (Matt Berninger, vocalist) and one-whole of Ramona Falls (Brent Knopf, also previously of Menomena). Have you ever wondered what The National would sound like if they got dropped into a vat of some funky juice? It’s safe to say that Brent’s experimental roots have slathered this song in funk, but as a perfect complement, Matt’s voice takes you straight into outer space in a rocket ship of silky vocals and a dancing bass line.

This cheeky lyric video tells a lot about the duo and how much fun they have already had and will inevitably have on this project. It’s great to see a different side of Matt Berninger that recalls a youthful airiness that will fit right in to your summer playlists that you’ve been rocking the past couple months. Plug in some head phones and enjoy this gravity-defying track as EL VY coaxes you to “Return to the Moon.” Enjoy!


How Sad – Indian Summer

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Haunting!!! Like the hallucinations brought about by an Indian Summer! Those pianos…that horn…the drums.  To state the obvious, it’s a cookie cutter flowery, summer, indie jam and you know you love it! We’re suffering from a terrible summer here in Los Angeles (mid-70’s) so it’s nice to play this on repeat and dream of being hugged by a heatwave that I most definitely will hate exactly one day after it rolls in. These guys have their debut EP coming out in August and are making some waves on the blogosphere, so jump on the train right when it is taking off. Go be a fan of them on Facebook and be one of an exclusive group of around 600!

Enjoy your Indian Summer!