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LRDC #THIS Week New Music Playlist 4/19/15

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Last week was a great week for us here…and this week will not leave you disappointed either. We get started off hard with an intensely sick track from UK duo Plaitum. Of course, don’t feel bad if you hadn’t heard of them before this week, I hadn’t either, but boy am I glad these guys are in my life. This song haunts me in the best way possible. The next two songs are also synth bombs from HOST and Terror Jr. The latter is quite on par with songs I like to feature on here and trying to find out more about them served to be difficult. With one song, I’m itching for more already, so hopefully that comes sooner rather than later.

So, Boyz Noize is back, and this time with indie-pop darlings Polica. This track is like more like my favorite Polica track than a Boyz Noize song since it doesn’t go harder than hard, but listening to his newer music, it seems like that’s the direction he’s going. I’m down either way. I have a song by Vancouver BC duo HUMANS on this list and while it isn’t the version that is 9.5+ minutes, I think you owe it to yourself to check that one out. It’s total fire!

You know I always end with heat as well. We have a track from Sibling called “Westside” which reminds me of why I live on the Westside of Los Angeles: “the vibe is right”. AAAAND closing it out is a flowery romp of a song that is pure fun from NVDES. Full disclosure, any song that has gang vocals of people yelling lyrics is basically a winner in my eyes, but this song really nails everything so well. Whistling in the middle of the song?! Yeah! That’s not someone eavesdropping on that sick you’re listening to, NVDES is just foreshadowing what you’ll be doing by the end of the song.



Young Empires – Mercy

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Scanning through some of the songs that I’ve posted about, or listening to the tracks on my playlists, you can quickly gather that I like bands that skirt the line between multiple genres. Defying labels is something that I strive for, and I look for that in the music that I listen to. The best part of being more difficult to label is it is open to interpretation of the individual, so whichever individual classified the Canadian trio, Young Empires, as “baroque pop” in Wikipedia needs a medal for thinking outside the freaking box! With an affinity for full soundscapes, Young Empires sure can tick a ton of genre boxes with an alt-rock sound that is HUGE and a ton of electric music influences, yet they are pretty well unknown in the alt-rock & electronic world (under 5000 YouTube plays on a song of this caliber is quite low). Full is a great word to describe “Mercy,” their eventual breakout track! Now is your chance to jump on a band that is not going to sneak under the radar for much longer; it’s only a matter of time. For fans of AWOLNATION, InnerPartySystem, or Savoir Adore, you will take to these guys immediately. Give them a quick listen and don’t be afraid to bob your head at your desk a bit, we’re all doing it.